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Energy Independence and Other Myths: A Q&A with Michael Levi, Author of ‘The Power Surge’

May 6, 2013

Worth the read, but I’m confused as to this guy’s end goals. He talks of increasing production while reducing consumption but how does that change the current course we’re on? I didn’t hear anyone mention the fact that we’ve already peaked in oil and that producing or finding more of it is only going to keep costing more. Also, adapting to use less fossil fuels is a joke, no American car manufacturers have even scratched the surface of taking care of this goal. An example of this is my parents new car. They bought a VW Passat, it gets forty two mpg on the highway, and somewhere around thirty two for city driving. It takes diesel, has an incredibly small engine, and it gets 700 miles per tank if you’re driving on the highway. Find me a GM car that comes close to that! It doesn’t exist, and won’t because we won’t change our ways until it’s too late. Electric cars are bs, you’re just transferring the strain from one energy sector to another (oil to coal from power plants that produce most of our electric energy.) We’re peaking in coal and natural gas all around the world, and the real answer to all of our “energy independence” is to relocalize everything. Suburbs need to be independent islands that take care of themselves if we’re ever going to make it. Good luck man kind, if we’re giving an author like this the stage we are doomed!

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Michael Levi is my favorite energy wonk — and not just because we both had to endure waiting for hours in the cold outside the 2009 U.N. climate-change conference in Copenhagen. (Though he got in first.) Levi, the senior fellow for energy and the environment at the Council on Foreign Relations, is a smart, pragmatic observer of the energy wars — and he’s an excellent blogger. He knows how to cut through specious arguments on both sides of the energy-and-climate debate while keeping in target the bigger challenges facing the U.S. and the world.

Levi has a new book out on the energy debate called The Power Surge: Energy, Opportunity and the Battle for America’s Future. It’s one of the best analyses of the amazing changes taking place in the energy sphere today, touching on everything from fracking to climate change to the Keystone XL pipeline debate. I…

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