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Sometimes I Wish I Walked a Lap Dog Around Town

May 5, 2013

I live around the corner from a restaurant that has some outdoor seating in the warmer months. Knowing that this has been here long before my dog Ruby and I roamed the streets I chose to condition her to the smells, sounds and people traffic that we would encounter here by taking her through the area at least once a day. Some choose to avoid this scenario all together, but why have a dog if you can’t take it anywhere? Nine times out of ten we have no issues (unless we see another dog.) However, when that one time in ten situation presents itself and my dog reacts I’m inclined to blame the person she is barking at more than her for doing her job as a guard dog.

Here’s what happened tonight. On my initial pass to the restaurant I see a friend that works there outside having a cigarette. This has happened before, and my pooch knows that we might stop for a minute to talk. On the way back home, we did just that. She was calm but alert, and that is exactly what she’s meant to be doing in a situation like this. Watching my back is her duty and she doesn’t quit!

Than from around the corner a guy (who looked a lot like Judge Smails from Caddy Shack) passes by us, puts his hands up in the air while facing my back and proceeds to shuffle towards the door leading into the restaurant while never breaking eye contact with my four legged friend. Now let’s analyze this. He walked behind us, there’s her first signal to be on alert. Than the hands went up, now he’s agitating her, becoming a possible threat to the both of us. Next the shuffling of the feet began. He looked like a linebacker moving left to right trying to determine the direction of play. Three strikes and you’re out, while she’s now turned on!

It wasn’t until the hands went up that my dog became aggressive. She lunged in front of me to protect me from something that she deemed threatening and let out a series of loud barks. Why come so close to us if you’re that afraid? There were plenty of other ways to get to the front door. I’ve found the worst thing to do when around a guard dog is to agitate it, especially when mixing wild hand motions with fear. This man clearly had cynophobia (fear of dogs,) probably had his reasons , but I just don’t understand them.

Thank you Ruby for ending this one on another exciting note right before bed!

Looks just like my Ruby

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  1. My last dog was an Akita. Crazy protective, but I was a single female when I got her & at the time, didn’t want a gun in the house. My attitude has changed… Now I’ve got border collies, one is still protective, but his size doesn’t make him look that scary. I also have guns for protection.

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