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Looking for Land and Landowners in Lake County, Illinois

May 5, 2013

Looking for Land and Landowners in Lake County, Illinois

When you’re doing something you love to do work becomes a dirty four letter word. That’s because your job isn’t really work. Now that spring is here I’m really feeling the need to get back into a passion project even if it means just setting someone up with a homestead garden or small beginner’s farm. I’m available for discussion on this subject to anyone willing to give up a large yard, a piece of pasture land, or maybe a part of a field awaiting commercial development. The possibilities and financial arrangements are endless, and rather than drawing a line in the sand as to what it is that I will and won’t do, I’d rather someone contact me and we see what works for both of us.

I have recently began to research pasture raised chickens, I have extensive knowledge and experience with fresh vegetable production, and I’d love to join up with someone interested in aquaculture production. There is nothing that’s off limits when you know your stuff, and the marketing end is something that I’m quite good at. I live in a town with at least a dozen high end restaurants, have previously brokered deals for fresh produce, and when you have farm products that are raised to perfection your products sell themselves. Every space has its limitations but the only way to find out what’s truly possible is a conversation.

In terms of your place, here’s some things that would be considered attractive….Full sun; this is a key component in photosynthesis, in my opinion the more the better! Water; where is the source located? If a well, how many gallons per minute can it pump? Has it been recently tested? Existing infrastructure; green houses, cold frames, previously farmed areas tend to have some of these structures that can be easily repaired to create microclimates to foster seedlings and extend the season into the late fall and early winter. Even if we just get things going as a side project, next year this could be a full time venture for one or both of us. I sincerely hope this post attracts a like minded individual, please pass it along to anyone you know who might be interested (farming can lower your property taxes!)


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  1. I wish you good luck and will pass on any interesting parties your direction.

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