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Looks like another book I’m gonna have to Read

May 3, 2013

Looks like another book I'm gonna have to Read

When trying to go another route in life I think it’s healthy to explore every option. I never thought of raising chickens for pay, but why not know more about the subject. The title claims one could make $25,000 on pasture raised chickens in just six months. Conversely, I just saw a headline that read “Banker Pay goes up 11% in 2012.” How is this okay? Their pay gets adjusted for the real inflation that’s ripping through the guts of our economy while someone in rural America has to struggle to produce $25,000 in revenue and find a good marketplace. These people (the bankers) are paid for taking massive risks with fake paper money, the farmer has to fight nature and a broke consumer that doesn’t value the product they produce. One day this will all come tumbling down and the tables will be turned!

  1. My only solice to this subject (sad at best) is that if poop hits the fan & there is no more ‘civilization’ (be it a market crash, enemy attack, or just us humans messing with the earth.. ) I can survive with the plant & nature knowledge I have for a long time. My plumber husband will also keep us supplied in water and waste removal.. What is a banker going to do but burn his money for warmth, and then come knocking on my door for help. Who’s the rich person now? I’m glad I’m not materialistically, but for now, everyone can use a few extra bucks. And when I get those extra bucks, a chicken coop is getting built, as we love fresh eggs!

    • It’s good that you guys have two useful skillets. I’m not a hardcore prepper or anything like that but I have been thinking it would be nice to have a group locally that is ready for collapse, or just a natural disaster like a tornado. If your husband is a plumber, you can become natural gas independent by constructing a methane reactor. Human waste is a tough subject for most to handle, but why not use something that will be around at least once a day from all of us lol. It’s kind of a close looped permaculture way of thinking about the waste we all inevitably produce. If I get anywhere with forming a group I will let you know. A friend of mine in CA is part of a small group that bought 10 acres with natural springs, good farmland, and they all contribute something different to the group. Last I heard they had a paramedic, mechanic, he’s a farmer, and they were working on getting a couple of smaller windmills ready to power the well pump when diesel becomes outrageous, or the springs run dry. If they just had an electrician in the group things would go smoother. Would you or your husband be interested in something like this? At least we’d all be on track to relocalizing and thinking about our possible future that may come sooner than we all think. Let me know.

      • I think we like the fact we can survive out there, more than we think we will be put to the test of putting our skills into action. I’d also hope it wouldn’t happen in our lifetime either. We do have like minded neighbors, but not all the resources we would like. It would be something we’d look into if we see it getting just a tad worse out there. Until then, we continue to learn more self sustaining talents. We also call our travel trailer ‘plan b’ for more than one reason! =-) We’ll keep in touch!

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