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” Ten calories …

May 1, 2013

” Ten calories of fossil fuels in every one calorie of processed food….” Michael Ruppert in the film “Anima Mundi.”

I watched the movie Anima Mundi the other night.  The title translates to “soul of the world” in latin and is geared towards visionaries, the permaculture movement, and anyone who can see the obvious signs of the change that is coming for all of us.  Based on Gaia Ecology, the belief that everything on earth is connected as one single organism (even us, that’s right us,) it is not for those locked in the current systems of beliefs.  By looking deeper into our Western culture the movie highlights the fact that no matter what your religious denomination, all of us worship the religion of money.  More specifically the infinite growth paradigm, which is an unsustainable, greed fueled system that has finally begun to hit the outer most limits of its capabilities.

In this system we now live in oil and all the other fossil fuels have allowed for an explosion of gadgets, easy food, supermarkets, materialism, and places like Los Angeles and Dubai (no offense to anyone living there!)  The oil has allowed for it, but we have created it.  There are between five and six billion humans on earth that owe their entire existence to the earth’s stored energy.  Sadly, this precious, incredibly powerful resource that should have been used with extreme caution is now controlled by a few and squandered by the masses.  While watching the movie I started to think, how come ants don’t hoard their resources in the hands of a few?  Why doesn’t the queen bee keep all the honey for herself and ration it out to those she wants to enslave in a system of nectar debt?

The simple fact is that these organized societies would collapse if they lived this way.  Nature chooses leaders, followers, winners, and losers.  By design not everyone can be a winner in the game of finite resources.  As a society we have forgotten this, and all the earth has to do to snap us back to reality is give us one bad drought, or winter.  Our food system is so temporary and reliant on resources that are running out that it doesn’t stand a chance of making it.  I wish we could all prepare and make it, but that is not what will happen.  Thinking it won’t occur in our lifetime is something we’re all guilty of.

I have to admit, it has been nice being a human being born in the year 1980.  I came into a world that already had most of the things I needed for survival figured out.  My father sold adhesives, a lot of which had components made from petroleum.  He made a great living, provided food, shelter, and an incredibly irresponsible childhood where I didn’t have to worry about anything except my grades.  I probably would have died from an asthma attack at a young age, but modern medicine saved me with vapor inhaled breathing treatments.  I inhaled these life giving gases through a mask and tubes made of plastic.  This plastic came from resins extracted and refined from petroleum.  One could argue that I may have never developed asthma in a world with cleaner air, but that’s something I can’t prove.

My point is that all of this life that I’ve lived, I never really knew or cared about the tax that my just being here puts on our planet.  I myself have created thousands of tons of garbage in my almost 33 years here.  I wonder how much of that is still sitting in landfills?  Probably a lot, and I feel as permaculture visionary David Holmgren does.  That my grandkids will most likely be digging through these landfills looking for remnants of our society that they can reuse in creative ways to ensure their own survival.  That’s if they make it that far in a world that’s about to sharply fall off a cliff.

Permaculture is the first step to our survival, your government and hand outs from charity won’t make it when peak oil is realized.  The price is fake, the money is fake, the only things that will be real and that you will be able to trade for at $300 a barrel oil are things yourself and others cannot live without.  Mainly food, but I confess that there is so much more to succeeding in a post-industrial era society going through its initial collapse.  Nature can throw us a curveball, and it will.  Our earth will be the one to finally say enough is enough, and if you and a group of others in your area localize you stand a chance of making it.  I hope you think about this.

Below is a list of people and organizations mentioned in this film that are worth further study.

David Holmgren

Dr. Christine James

John Seed “Deep Ecology”

Michael Reynolds – Earthship Homes

Adam Grub and Dan Palmer – Permablitz

Michael Ruppert – “Crossing the Rubicon” “Collapse”

Dr. Stephan Harding “Gaian Ecology”

Dr. Mark O’Meadhra “Integrative Medicine”

Dr. James Lovelock “Gaia Theory”

Noam Chomsky  You can buy it, or watch it online, you’ll find it if you look hard enough, I paid $3.99 through google wallet.

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