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This is So True

April 29, 2013

This is So True

I was watching the house of a fellow dog sitter over the weekend. This sign caught my eye not only because it’s right above the stove, but because there’s so much truth in it. It dawned on me that a dog will never have a bad day and take it out on you. It never asks for anything unreasonable, just that you provide the basics. They don’t care if you have a lot on your mind, or that you may be preoccupied for the time being. Just being there to listen and show you they care is the full time job they take on. You could say they are a lot like us at times, but I disagree. They are better than us all of the time!

I’m not sure I would have made it through the last couple of years without my best friend. She’s put me through a lot, but imagine listening to my psychosis every day! When things have been hopeless I looked to her to take my mind off the bad. Not something many people would do with a smile, and for that I have to be thankful. Thankful that I still have her, thankful that she still has a lot of years left, and even thankful when I have to come up with $400 every month to pay for her surgery that happened last December.

I bankrupted myself buying my best friend two new knees, and I don’t care. You see, when you encounter a drunk woman (so unattractive) at a bar on a Saturday night and all she can come up with to talk about are headlines from stories she never read, arguments about politics and issues which she doesn’t fully understand, and combative bickering that’s coming from the large amounts of alcohol she’s consuming out of social anxiety, you thank yourself for being broke! After a tortured half hour conversation I said my goodbye’s, walked home, and thought two thoughts: I’m glad I don’t drink a lot, and god damn it will be good to go walk Ruby right now!

I’m not antisocial, or an introverted personality. I’ve just drawn lines in the sand when it comes to my standards for who I surround myself with. If you’re a cat person, I don’t understand you! LOL Same goes for the uninformed, it’s okay to not know about everything but please, know about something! Why must everything be about pop culture or money? Again, the sign proves true. I found some other good quotes that concern our four legged friends and hope you find one that makes you think for a while about how lucky you are to have them around. Happy reading.

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  1. Totally agree! Dogs are the best. I’m off to read the dog quotes now 🙂

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