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Root Beer…Literally

April 28, 2013

Root Beer...Literally

I don’t drink much, but when I do I make it something interesting. Last night I wandered over to the Taphouse Grill in Highwood, Illinois. I’m watching a house nearby and found it the perfect walking distance for a guy who doesn’t want a DUI and has a low tolerance. The menu states that this potent (10% alcohol by volume) blend of sweet and spicy is made in Wauconda, Illinois by a brewery I’ve never heard of, but will be investigating thoroughly. It’s called Small Town Brewery. The restaurant has even begun serving an adult version of the root beer float, and I recommend this brew to anyone who’s willing to give new things a try. You’ll find that if you like root beer, you’re not really going out on a limb for this one. It tastes the same, I was almost shocked there was alcohol in it. Cheers!

For more info or a taste go to


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