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Rosetta Stone Spanish (South America)

April 17, 2013

Rosetta Stone Spanish (South America)

Has anyone ever tried a program from Rosetta Stone?  I’m wondering if it’s worth it, the high price of $499.00 seems miniscule in comparison to a language program at even a junior college level, and I saw on their website that they had a payment program with 5 payments of $100.00 per month.  That seems like a much more realistic price for the commoner like myself.  I’m looking to do this to improve my job prospects in a world that seems to be quickly trending towards a boom in the Southern hemisphere.  Let me connect the dots…..

The migration of jobs, manufacturing, political power, etc. will follow a large influx in the price of oil, which the most educated, non-profit motivated experts agree happened sometime between 2005-2009.  The less oil, the higher the price, the higher the price, the less it makes sense to manufacture and trade goods an ocean away.  There are many other factors including politics that will influence moves like this.  I’m just reading between the lines.

In my opinion, China and the rest of Asia for that matter, have seen their best days.  I know it’s shameless to not cite this source, but I recently read of a major manufacturer moving from China to Mexico for reasons of costs cutting.  It was an American firm, they knew they were going to end up paying higher wages, but it was the geography (and maybe a little foresight into commodities futures, etc.) that allowed this action to make sense.  I promise to never write such an unverified, sourceless blog post ever again!  lol.   

Back to where I started…..Rosetta Stone seems like a great tool for learning what may be the most relevant language in the West, I just think it takes some work.  By that I mean it is probably like most things; what you put in is what you get out.  Any feedback on this program is appreciated.  I’m also very curious about a review about the 12 month all access website deal for $299.00

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