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Dinovite Products Review

April 17, 2013


After using the products from this company for seven years I feel it’s necessary to tell others about my experiences.  I have only used the Carnoyum and Lick-o-chops supplements, but the entire line of products can be found and  At this site you’ll discover that traditional “kibbled” dog food is almost always lacking in micro-nutrients and the biological life that should exist in the digestive tracts of our four legged friends.  There’s a lot more to why it’s so beneficial, the important thing to come away with is that every canine should have these supplements in their diet.  Note: I am not being paid for this review, I’m simply a believer because I’ve seen it work!  

The first of my family pets to try out dinovite were Marvin and Holly, both wire haired fox terriers.  They suffered from constant itching, and scratching that were diagnosed by several vets as skin allergies.  After the initial symptoms showed themselves, these painful rashes would become full blown skin infections.  Marvin (pictured below,) has sadly outlived Holly, but to this day he is still supplemented with Carnoyum and Lick-o-chops. His skin became riddled with black bumps that were most definitely the result of a skin infection.  Special shampoos, steroids, and antibiotics were prescribed and only seemed to suppress this infection, not cure it.  

After hearing an advertisement on the radio, my father decided that we would give Dinovite a try.  Anything would be better than a course of antibiotics followed by two weeks of health, followed by the rashes which led to infections.  It was a vicious cycle, and we were willing to do anything to stop it as our dogs still had a lot of years left in them.  We ordered a large tub of Carnoyum which at the time came with four free tubes of Lick-o-chops (an omega 3 and 6 supplement fortified with vitamin E that is not available for free anymore.)  As the directions state, starting off slow and ramping up the amount of supplement is the best as it won’t cause upset stomach.  Remember, everything your dog has ever eaten out of a “kibbled” bag of food is deficient in nutrients, and lacking in biological life.  It’s a lot for them to get used to.

Within two weeks both of them seemed to have bounced back to the puppy stage of life.  Five year old dogs were bouncing off the walls!  No more rashes, their skin and coat felt a bit oily to the touch, their breath improved, their appearance and general health were dramatically changed for the better.  Fast forward seven years and Marvin is still going strong.  He is now a thirteen year old senior who has obviously slowed down a bit, but he has not had a rash or skin infection in seven years, and I attribute every good day he has had since to these products.


Another success story is Oscar, a three and a half year old cockapoo.  He was diagnosed with skin allergies several times.  He was given a special hypoallergenic shampoo by the vet.  His collar was washed and removed.  My girlfriend, the dog’s owner, was getting to the point where the next thing being suggested by her vet was of course antibiotics.  I convinced her to try out the Carnoyum and Lick-o-chops and now Oscar too isn’t itching or scratching.  He’s a mere sixteen pounds, and he doesn’t seem to need the full suggested amount.  Every dog is different, it’s up to you to decide how much your pet needs based on the product’s performance.



The last thing I want to talk about is the biological life in this product, coupled with a whole hosts of micronutrients that are formulated to be extremely “available” to your dog’s biology.  If you’ve come across my blog in the last day or so you might recall the story of my dog Ruby.  She had a double knee surgery that went well, she just kept catching staph infections after the surgery from a weakened immune system.  I had become broke beyond belief after the thousands I spent on the surgery and complications which forced me to discontinue the use of Dinovite products (sad but true.)  

Of course, antibiotics were necessary in this situation, without them she would have more than likely passed on.  However, with the good these drugs do they also do a lot of bad.  I’m not a veterinarian, I don’t claim to be a dog nutritionist, but I’m sure my animal was suffering from the effects of six weeks of antibiotic use.  Her stool had become a pale gray, her shedding had become noticeable to the point where I was finding black haired dust bunnies all over the house!  She was lethargic, quit fighting me about going back into the cage, and seemed to be giving up much like I was.  Here’s when my parents found out I wasn’t giving her the supplements anymore, and I’m lucky they cared.  They sent me a giant tub of Carnoyum and two tubes of Lick-o-chops.  

Within three days I noticed a difference in her.  She was hungrier, more alert, and looking like she wanted out of her cage.  She was still on the antibiotics for the first week of use but her stool’s normal color started to return (sorry for the graphic depiction but it is a sign of health!)  Once we stopped the antibiotics this time, the infection didn’t come back.  I finally had my Ruby back, and she started to put on weight!  Good weight, muscle mass, everything she needed to stabilized her wobbly weakened joints that were now weeks behind in their projected recovery time.  


Here’s a link to information on what’s in Dinovite.    Below, is a close up shot of the product label, it’s full of good stuff like dried kelp, salmon oil, zinc methionine complex, diatomaceous earth, beneficial bacteria, and enzymes.  There’s so much more in here and I’m not doing these ingredients any justice as to how helpful they are to your dog’s health.  I encourage any readers of this post to further investigate ALL of the ingredients shown on the product label below as I did.  You’ll find that they threw everything but the kitchen sink in here, and I know your pet will thank you for this extra expense as all of mine have.  I hope you and your dogs have a great day!


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  1. Ruby is a cutie with her whole collection of tennis balls in her mouth! I’m going to look into this, but luckily my dogs don’t have allergies (to my knowledge) but this product looks like a great suppliment for them. Thanks for the read.

    • Please do, it is a great supplement, I really wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t believe. Where in Illinois are you?

      • Lake County. We have the same area code! Must be neighbors.
        I’m feeding my dogs gluten free now as the lil Oreo is just starting to lick his back legs, which I understand may be just the start of allergies.

      • Lake County, we have the same area code, neighbors perhaps?
        I recently went gluten free for the boys, as the lil Oreo is starting to like his back legs. I understand this is the start, as he’s 3 now. He’s been better tho. Maybe this will help him out.

      • I’m in Lake Forest. Grain free, gluten free is a must as far as I’m concerned. Their teeth tell us so. Even if your dog doesn’t continue to itch, this would be like a super biologically active vitamin complex. The website even has a link to a raw food recipe. Right now I’m on the Blue Buffalo Wilderness. Expensive, but I feel like it’s the best thing out there, at least from petco. Good hearing back, are you growing any vegetables?

      • Yes, when spring finally arrives! I have an old post of my veggie plans, but haven’t updated the post as it’s still frickin’ cold here. =-(

  2. A family member linked me to your resource. Thank you for the resources.

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